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As an experienced litigator, Jeanne Jorgensen knows first-hand the inadequacies of our legal system for resolving private disputes. Even when a party “wins” in terms of a favorable judgment or outcome, it has also often “lost” in terms of the expenses incurred and the time, energy, and other resources necessarily redirected to the litigation. Mediation is a valuable tool that can help you achieve a less frustrating and more satisfying, cost-effective, and efficient resolution of your dispute.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative to litigation in which a mediator serves as a neutral third party who helps the parties explore solutions and facilitates the parties' communication with the objective of helping them achieve an agreed resolution of their dispute.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process. Statements made during the mediation cannot be used against a party in a current or future lawsuit.

All parties must agree to participate in the mediation, and any settlement achieved will only become binding on the parties with their agreement. In this sense, mediation carries with it very little to no risk.

Why Choose Jeanne to Mediate Your Case?

Jeanne is a seasoned litigation attorney with extensive experience helping clients evaluate their litigation and non-litigation options.

Jeanne is a passionate problem-solver who is personally vested in delivering the best service possible in every case she mediates. Attorneys in cases that she has mediated have often commented on her ability to quickly grasp and understand complex legal and factual issues. Attorneys and their clients value the experience of working with Jeanne, an empathetic and attentive listener who is particularly adept at identifying the intangible aspects of the dispute that frequently need to be addressed in order to achieve a successful resolution.

Once mediation has concluded, Jeanne continues to follow up and serve as a resource when the parties need assistance to finalize the settlement or resolve issues that might arise in the documentation or consummation of the resolution reached at mediation.

Civil Cases Jeanne Mediates - Areas of Mediation

Although Jeanne's mediation experience is broad, her primary focus is real estate matters, such as the following:

  • ADA
  • Adverse Possession
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Broker Liability
  • CC&R Disputes
  • Condemnation
  • Construction
  • Easements
  • Foreclosure
  • HOA Disputes
  • Insurance
  • Landlord – Tenant
  • Lender Liability
  • Mechanic’s Liens
  • Neighbor Disputes
  • Partition
  • Premises Liability
  • Purchase and Sale
  • Receiverships
  • Title Disputes
  • Trespass & Nuisance

Why is Mediation a Good Alternative to Litigation?

Litigation is expensive and time-consuming and carries a substantial amount of risk for each party. The parties have very little control over the outcome of their case and the remedies available are limited to those that can be lawfully imposed as part of a judgment or an arbitration award.

Mediation offers a number of advantages over litigation including:

  • Mediation permits a dispute to be resolved in a much shorter period of time
  • Mediation is substantially less expensive than litigation
  • Mediation provides parties more control of the process and influence over the outcome
  • Mediation allows for creative solutions that may not be available as a remedy in a lawsuit or arbitration
  • Mediation helps to preserve important business and personal relationships
  • Mediation is private, confidential, and out of the public record

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